How to Find a Great Job in Cash Or Trade

~ Easy peasy-doo, you’ve had a good show, enjoyed trading cash or trade, and enjoyed using cash or trade as part of your day job! ~ Quick and simple. ~ Let’s face it: It’s not always that fun working for yourself when it’s day time. Maybe there’s no lunch breaks … Read more

The Role of Bond Duration

The bond duration of a fixed-income security, such as a bond, consists of the weighted mean of the periodic payments of the fixed interest rate over the term of the bond. The term is generally used in financial circles. In real estate financing, it refers to the amount of time … Read more

Yacht Buying Information

Boat Trader is an Internet-based company based in Miami, Florida-a Florida-based online business dedicated to the US ocean-related industry-launched in 1991. It sells and trades used sail boats, yachts, cruisers and other water vessels for resale. The site has expanded its offerings over the years, offering a comprehensive range of … Read more

Banking On The Future

Who is eligible to receive the Banking on the Future program? The Banking on the Future program is available to eligible teen oncology patients in the United States through the age of twenty. You can apply either through the Cancer Foundation of America, or through your local chapter of the … Read more

What is Futures Trading?

When talking about the trading of commodities, the two most common terms used are futures trading and options trading. In the United States, futures trading originated with the invention of centralized grain markets where farmers were able to sell their produce either directly for immediate delivery the currency market or … Read more

What is after hours trading?

What is after hours trading? It is where the market closes before the end of each day, thus allowing traders to make more money. Some traders also use this method to close out their trades before closing the market for the day. In the beginning, most trading firms and brokers … Read more

What is a specified service trade or business

In this article, we will talk about what is a specified service trade or company. What is a SSTB? A SSTB is a company, organization, or trade that is defined by the activities that are undertaken and the requirements of its customers, partners, customers, or employees. An SSTB is a … Read more

What Is a Qualified Trade Or Business?

What exactly is a qualified trade or business? There are many tax deductions available to individuals and business owners. The tax deduction enables them to deduct up to 50 percent of their eligible business income (QIB), plus up to 50 percent of eligible dividends received from qualified REITs (also known … Read more

What is a Finance Charge?

A finance charge usually takes one of three forms. It can be based on either a percentage of a debt, or it’s based on an annual flat rate. The most common type of finance charge is from credit card balance transfers. When you transfer a credit card balance to a … Read more